The Charter

Walk ‘N Roll enhances and coordinates partnership with local elementary schools, school boards, municipalities, school transportation, public health, community organizations, and police forces. When it comes to making sure students are able to get to school safely and enjoy the benefits of active travel, we all have an important role to play!

The Timiskaming Active School Travel Charter represents a long-term commitment to fostering a culture of active and sustainable travel where we live, learn, work and play.  The document serves as a guide for community partners, boards of trustees, school staff, and families to consider how activities and decisions can encourage or impact active transportation. The Charter is guided by the following principals:

  • Fostering a walking and cycling culture
  • Partnership, collaboration, & shared responsibility
  • Street design for comfort, convenience & safety for all
  • Supportive land use and site planning

Read the Charter here. (insert charter pdf)