Ideas for Improving Active Travel in Your Community

Here are a few tips for making active school travel safer and easier in your community:

  • Safer together. The more people that use active travel, the safer our streets are for everyone.
    • Drivers become more attentive when there’s lots of bikes and pedestrians around. Go for a walk around 8:45am, or 2:45pm to overlap with school transportation times and make our community walk-safe.


  • Be mindful about where you pile snow. When you are shoveling snow, please pile it on your property and not on the sidewalk. This helps keep our sidewalks barrier-free all season.


  • Follow the speed limit. Drivers, set an example by setting the pace. Abide by the posted speed limit on all roads and take extra caution in school zones and residential areas.


  • Be a people-friendly driver. Share the road safely with pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Ontario’s one-meter passing law requires drivers who are planning to pass a cyclist leave one metre of space between their vehicle and the cyclist when passing.


  • Reach out to us or ask your child’s school principal about participating in the Walk ‘N Roll program!


  • Do you have a road safety concern in your neighbourhood? Here are some ways to explore solutions:
    • Coordinate a neighbourhood walking audit to identify barriers to safe walking and wheeling, and brainstorm solutions. Invite your neighbours and local councillors.
    • Build community support – create a petition and collect signatures
    • Write a letter to town council expressing your idea or concern


Check out this article from Active for Life on how to promote your own, kid-friendly, walkable community.